Among the most popular interior design trends this year is a move toward nature-inspired spaces. Of course, our relationship with the natural world is nothing new, but as we all spend more time indoors at work and at home, the need to connect with our environment has only expanded. The principle of biophilic design addresses this innate need, creating spaces that improve our wellbeing by deeply integrating natural elements into our indoor surroundings.

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Work-from-home is here to stay for many of us. Thanks to Zoom, Slack, and two years of proving it’s doable, more employees are spending time working from their sofa/kitchen/home office than ever before. If you haven’t already carved out a more permanent workspace, now is a great time to think more long-term about how a home office can help boost your productivity. When your office is just steps from your bedroom or living room, it can be difficult to find that healthy separation between work and home life. Fortunately, a few design improvements can make all the difference. Check out a handful of our best tips for creating a WFH space that keeps you motivated and engaged.

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