Designer Spotlight: Meet Laurie

Meet Laurie, one of our Senior Interior Designers here at Story Renovations! Bringing years of experience in both residential and commercial design, Laurie creates spaces that are both beautiful and functional, always keeping the client’s needs at the forefront. She doesn’t shy away from color and texture, and her approach is driven by the way we really live in a space. If you choose to partner with Story Renovations for your next remodel, you just might have the pleasure of working with Laurie! 


What initially drew you to interior design as a career? What keeps you excited about design?
My background and career in interior design actually started in architecture, which stemmed from a lifelong love of both art and problem-solving. As I started to study design in school, I quickly realized I approach design from the inside-out. I was always most interested in how spaces function and how elements like lighting and texture impact how people live and feel in a space. For me, it’s the clients that keep design exciting! I’m always inspired by the relationship between someone and the space they inhabit, and how we design to make that space personal and functional for them.


Do you have a favorite project you’ve worked on?
It’s hard to pick just one! I think every project brings its own set of challenges and opportunities that make it interesting and enjoyable. Choosing a favorite project would be like trying to pick a favorite child.


How would you define your own personal design style?
I love design that feels built-in to the space it inhabits, layering on architectural details that make it feel like it should have been that way all along. I also love beautiful, simple materiality and a moody color or two! Is that a style? I guess not – I gravitate toward a good mix of design styles that help create balance in a space.


What’s one of your favorite go-to design tips to refresh a space?
I love a creatively placed, high-impact wallcovering to add personality, color and pattern to a space in a whimsical and unexpected way.


What do you love most about working at Story Renovations?
I love the variety of projects we have and our great clients that always keep the process fun and interesting!


How do you spend your free time when you’re not creating beautiful spaces?
You can find me enjoying the Colorado outdoors with my husband and our two pups… from a brewery patio with friends to camping up in the mountains. I’ve also found a love for pottery in the last couple years – such a fun and tangible creative outlet!

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