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Your New Kitchen Starts Here.

Renovation meets technology. Design, monitor, and build your kitchen remodel, all online.

A Seamless Process From Start To Finish


Kitchen Refresh

  • 360° 3D design concept using your style and kitchen layout
  • Video from an expert interior designer
  • 100% online design support and meetings at each step of the process
  • Builder ready CAD plan
  • All-inclusive pricing for materials, parts, and labor

Introducing The Kitchen Refresh Program

The new way to renovate your kitchen, all-online


Tell Us About Your Kitchen

Answer questions about your style, upload videos and photos of your space, then let us get to work!


Delightful All-in-One Design

Tech meets tradition. Receive a build price and a design with 3D renderings and floor plans within a week. You will then have a call with the designer to make any changes. We will schedule a field measurement in your home. Then, boom! It’s time to order.


A Better Way To Build

Receive real-time updates as your materials arrive in our warehouse. Once all of your materials are in stock, we will schedule the installation and you will get a new kitchen.


Enjoy Your Refreshed Kitchen

Time to host a dinner party because your kitchen is complete! See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Kitchen Refresh FAQ

Can I use my own builder?
Certainly. Give the plans and materials to the builder. You’ll be set to go.
What happens if I want to change my design?
We get it. It’s tough to choose. That’s why you’ll get an opportunity to make 3 swaps before finalizing your design.
Can I keep my appliances?
Of course you can.
What if I want to move my appliances?
Gladly. We can do that with our full line renovation group. Head to the contact page to get started.
What if I want to move walls?
Of course. We can do that with our full line renovation group. Head to the contact page to get started.
How does flooring work?
Great question. You can choose whether to include it in your kitchen renovation. We are happy to measure in place before we order any materials to make sure we get just the right amount.
Do you guys sell materials?
Most definitely! Head right over here.
Why are you so awesome?
We were born this way. …and, this is what we do— design + build.
How long does construction take?
It totally depends on what you’re doing, but most kitchen renovations take two months start to finish.
Who can I call with project specific questions?
Your Project Planner is happy to answer any project specific questions.
What if I want to renovate other parts of my home?
We have you covered. Skedaddle over here to get started.
Do you guys build custom homes?
Yes, and we are really good at it. Let’s get the conversation started here.
How does permitting work?
Thought you’d never ask! We’ll get all permits required to complete your project.
What cities do you work in?
Right now, we are in the Greater Denver area, but hang tight, we are expanding soon! Get on the first to know list here.

Your Home Tells Your Story.