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Renovating Together

Remodeling can be hard. We’re here to change that.

A Seamless Process From Start To Finish


Easy, Thorough Planning

To kick off your project, you’ll tell us about your goals, ideas, and design style. Our team will walk through the details and help you define your project budget and scope. Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out yet — we’re here to help!

Planning Expertise
Our project planners are residential renovation experts. They understand the build process and costs, and are up to speed on the latest remodel trends. You can rely on our team’s extensive knowledge and industry experience throughout your project.
Defined Project Scope
We know remodel projects can evolve quickly, so we’re here to help you make smart decisions and invest wisely. We’ll start by providing insight into a handful of possible scenarios — with budget options for each — so you can choose the route that’s best for you.
Realistic Timelines
Our planning process is transparent and pragmatic. We’ll set design and construction schedules that are achievable and make sense for your family, including realistic timeframes for permitting and any necessary approvals. No stress — we’ll walk you through every step, so you can plan in advance.

All-in-One Interior Design

Get those Pinterest boards ready! You’ll work 1:1 with our designers throughout the process, from an initial design vision meeting in your home to choosing cabinets and tile in our showroom. We’ll provide full architectural and interior design drawings and 3D renderings to ensure you love the final design. We’ll probably even share a toast to your new home with a glass of wine — or two!

Design Packages
Every project is unique, from scope and budget to design preferences. So, we’ll offer a range of architectural and interior design recommendations that fit the specifics of your project. Already have a vision for your new space? Awesome! No idea where to start beyond your Pinterest board? We can help there, too!
Material Showroom
We’ve partnered with top brands to create a highly curated selection of cabinetry, flooring, tile, and hardware at a variety of price points. And our preferential pricing on these materials saves you money, while still delivering high-end designs you’ll be proud to show off.
Experienced Designers
Our in-house designers have extensive experience in their field. Their design expertise translates to a smoother construction process, addressing potential hiccups in advance and ensuring no detail is overlooked. You’ll work closely with your designer throughout the renovation process, starting with that first meeting at your home.

A Better Way to Build

Time to put those ideas to work! Once you’ve settled on a design you love, we’ll make it a reality. Our in-house builders will construct your project just as it looks in the renderings. No outsourcing here — our team is reliable, skilled, and on-time.

In-House Build Team
We take pride in creating the finished product for your renovation, and we never transfer projects to a third party builder. Our team is fully responsible for your project from start to finish and will be your one point of contact throughout each phase of your renovation.
Online Project Tracking
You’ll always be in the loop on the status of your project. Use the Story Renovations dashboard to receive real-time information, including schedule updates, invoices, progress photos, and correspondence with our team.
High-Quality Construction
We’re dedicated to our craft and follow a step-by-step process to ensure each phase of your project is completed successfully and without flaws. Of course, construction can be unpredictable — if challenges do arise, you can rest assured our team will handle any issues promptly and transparently.

Kick Back and Relax

We’ll wrap up your project with a proverbial bow, ensuring every punch list detail is complete. And you’ll get to simply enjoy your new space — and your new story.


What happens if I want to change my design?
We understand. Design decisions can be tough! You’ll work closely with our designers to make sure you’re excited about the direction, and you’ll have the chance to make up to three swaps before finalizing your design choices.
Does Story Renovations sell materials?
Yes, we do! Our materials showroom is located at 5601 S Broadway, Suite #170 Littleton, CO 80121. Please contact us to set up an appointment!
How long will construction take?
Construction timelines will depend on your specific project scope, and can take anywhere from a month to a full year to complete. Our team will create a realistic schedule before we get started, so you can plan ahead for the construction phase of your project.
Who can I call with project specific questions?
You will work closely with your interior designer throughout the renovation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions as they arise.
Does Story Renovations build custom homes?
Yes, we do — and we’re really good at it! Let’s get the conversation started here.
How does permitting work?
Our team will obtain any permits required to complete your project. No extra work needed on your part!
Where does Story Renovations work right now?

We’re currently taking on projects in the Greater Denver area, and we’re growing fast! Be the first to know when we expand to new cities — shoot us a note and let us know where you’d like to see us next.

Your Home Tells Your Story.